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September 12, 2013 Meeting

State Representatives Greg Steube & Jim Boyd Visit the EMRC

Thanks to all who attended our September meeting.  Our speakers - Representatives. Jim Boyd and Greg Steube took many questions and gave their best answers to the crowd of over 70 loyal members of EMRC.  It was a great meeting and it was great fun welcoming all of you back to our first meeting in the fall season.

Clint Miller did a yeoman's job for us in introducing both of these gentlemen and showing a film of special interest to us.  Also, thank you to Diane for keeping track of all the reservations and questions and for Joan Kahrs by helping at our front desk selling bumper stickers and collecting for MOTS...Thanks also to Janet, our membership chair, for all she does in keeping track of our members and getting those nametags. Last, but certainly not least, thanks to Tom Dailey, who keeps track of everything that happens at our board and general meetings. Many thanks to Jerry Koontz, our newest member, for his generous contribution to MOTS. 

A little peek at our next meeting on Oct. 10th.  Supt. of Schools Rick Mills, Don Hall, Asst. Supt., and Dr. Diana Greene will be our special guest speakers.  Mark your calendars and save the date.  A formal notice will come out after next week.  We hope to have several members of our school board attending this meeting, so have your questions at the ready.

Fervent thanks to everyone.  For those of you who remember Mujibar, I spoke to him yesterday!!!!

See you all soon!

Joan Shirey, President

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